Waxing is a traditional and one of the most effective methods of hair removal with unnecessary hair.

For the comfort of our clients, we offer two waxing techniques, i.e. with the help of straps (recommended for the area of arms or legs) and liquid wax (face, bikini).

The great advantage of waxing is its long-term effectiveness. During the treatment, the heated wax penetrates into the hair follicles where it solidifies and is removed with a single movement of the depilation strip. Unwanted hair is removed along with the bulbs, which causes weaker, thinner regrowth, and each subsequent treatment accelerates the final result – hair reduction on a given body part


Full legsboth65 £
Full legs + bikini lineboth legs80 £
Full armsboth45 £
Underarms15 £
Half arms35 £
Half legsboth38 £
Lip or chin10 £
Bikini line25 £
Chest + stomach52 £
Lip + chin18 £
Back + shouldersboth shoulders65 £
Half legs + bikini lineboth legs60 £
Eyebrows8 £

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