Skin Analysis

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What is skin analysis?

A skin analysis is the process of understanding the current and past history of your skin, this may involve sebum, keratin, impurities, pores, wrinkles, spots, and moisture tests.

One of the most common diagnostic devices that these professional use is a skin analyzer; this kind of skin diagnostic tool offers a wide-range of skin analysis options.

When should you get a skin analysis?

Many factors affects your skin analysis – stressful events, food and liquid intakes, exercise choices, and environmental exposures like humidity or outdoor activities will contribute to internal cell changes. Internal changes will eventually progress into external or visual changes.

The skin is an dynamic and constantly changing organ, and its nutrient requirements also change over the year. Knowing the current state of your skin will help you understand its needs and by addressing these needs you’ll achieve that glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

The process of skin analysis involves delving deep into your skin history and taking the skin data of the following; sebum, pores, keratin, impurities, spots, moisture, and wrinkles.

This process normally involves capturing micro-zoom high-resolution images, every person is unique that’s why personal information such as; age, gender, and skin type are also important contributing factors to the results of the analysis.


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How long does the whole skin analysis process take?

An in-depth skin analysis normally takes 15 minutes, however depending on the provider of the service and the kind of skin analyzer that they are using, it can take as short as 2 minutes.


Benefits of a skin analysis?

Skin analysis provides an opportunity to address the skin issues you’ve been worrying about for the longest time.

Does skin change that much from consultation to consultation?

Depending on your individual skin health, previous and current lifestyle choices and what type of skincare and in-clinic program you are on, skin can change dramatically within a month.

This means that the ingredients your skin needed a months ago may not be what is required as its health continues to improve!

You and your skin diagnostic professional can target more and more specific cellular issues as your skin barrier function and overall cellular health improve over time.

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