Leave everyday life behind the door and let us move into the world of relaxation, rest and wonderful relaxation. It is a world of peaceful music, candles and extraordinary pleasure, which gives you one of YASUMI massages prepared especially for your needs. You can indulge in a quiet individual ritual or share moments of relaxation with someone close by choosing a massage for two. Enjoy the touch of warm stones, the scent of chocolate and essential oils, the exotic massage and the care power of cosmetics. Just come to us and relax.

For the sake of your body, mind and spirit, all treatments are performed by qualified personnel, based on the highest quality cosmetics. The only thing you need to prepare for our treatments is a bit of free time to calm down with a relaxing massage without hurry. The rest of the items, such as towels, disposable underwear, bath cosmetics, flip flops and, above all, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed by your office


Hot stones massage80 min.70 £
G5 massaging shaping Body Slimming machine20 min.40 £

Hot stones massage

Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing and revitalizing ritual. This extraordinary SPA treatment is suitable for all those who need calmness, relaxation and rest. The synergy of warm stones combined with appropriate massage techniques have a beneficial, healing effect on body and mind. The massage stimulates the senses, relaxes and reduces muscle tension. The stones used for massage are obtained from specially selected areas of high volcanic activity such as Hawaii and Bali.


Mechanical body massage by means of vibration, equipped with applicators for relaxation and drainage, deep muscle massage, gentle massage and to work on trigger points. The frequencies generated by infrasound support analgesia, stimulate muscle cell nutrition, relax and anticoagulant properties, and help break down fat. The use of vibration generated by the device allows you to fine-tune the frequency, amplitude, strength, contact time and pressure to the patient’s needs. Mechanical vibrations allow for long-term application on the patient’s body while maintaining the same parameters.


  • treatment or support in the treatment of various pain, swellings, injuries
  • support for muscle fitness training, sports activities, preparation for competitions or regeneration during or after intense physical activity
  • lymphatic drainage
  • deep tissue massage
  • cellulite treatment
  • beauty, firming skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles treatments
  • slimming and body shaping treatments


Face massage

On the face, like on other parts of the body, there are muscles, skin and blood vessels located in it. Regular kneading, tapping and bending the face gives extraordinary rejuvenating effects and improves the condition of the face skin. With age, the production of collagen in the skin decreases, which results in its sagging and wrinkles as well as so-called crow’s feet.

The face massage stimulates the deep layers of the skin, including the muscles under it, which visibly helps to improve the face oval and firm the skin. In the skin of the face, as in the skin on other parts of the body, there are also blood vessels.

A skilfully made facial massage stimulates blood circulation in this area, which automatically results in oxygenation of the skin and improvement of its condition. Facial massage not only helps to oxygenate and nourish the face, but also supports and strengthens facial muscles not used too often, and – thanks to the improvement of blood supply to the skin – removes lymphatic stasis and toxins formed in metabolic processes and due to the exposure of facial skin to adverse environmental factors . Facial massage is also a serious energy boost for the skin, which will stimulate it to increase collagen and elastin production.

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